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Women First Weight Loss & Lipo Center in Chesapeake, Virginia, offers three different weight loss programs because Margie Corney, MD, FACOG, believes there’s more than just one way to lose weight. Dr. Corney evaluates your individual needs and helps you select the ideal program for safe weight loss. The highly-personalized programs have an intimate feel, which means you get all the support you need to be successful. Call the Tidewater area office or click online booking now to begin your weight loss journey.

Weight Loss Programs Q & A

What does a weight loss program screening involve?

At Women First Weight Loss & Lipo Center, you undergo a full medical screening, including a physical exam, a review of your medical history, and laboratory testing to make sure you’re healthy enough to start the program. Medical rapid weight loss programs are meant for patients with a body mass index (BMI) over 30, or a BMI over 27 with co-morbidities like type 2 diabetes or high blood pressure. 

What kind of weight loss programs are available?

Women First Weight Loss & Lipo Center offers three programs, each of which is specially formulated for your success. All of the different programs include four important steps: screening for eligibility, reducing your weight, adapting to making your own food, and maintaining your weight.

Options include: 

Robard program 

Women First Weight Loss & Lipo Center has partnered with the Robard Corporation, the leading company in the world of weight management, to offer a full line of high-quality, low-carb protein products with added vitamins and minerals. These nutritionally complete products provide the ideal balance of amino acids and nitrogen for optimal protein synthesis and increased metabolic function. The products help facilitate the release of stored fat and encourage safe and effective weight loss. Options include meal replacements, protein bars, shakes, snacks, and more. 

Medifast® program

Medifast is a doctor-developed and clinically proven weight loss program that includes a variety of nutritionally balanced meals, snacks, and beverages. As with the Robard program, Medifast allows customization based on your particular weight loss plans and goals. 

Challenge program

The challenge program includes weekly challenges to help you stay motivated to lose weight. There’s a bronze individual challenge, silver partner challenge, and golden group challenge to help you get excited and proactive about losing weight, so ask Dr. Corney for more details. 

All weight loss programs include extra help from the non-exercise activity thermogenesis (NEAT) and exercise activity thermogenesis (EAT) programs. These programs help you optimize your daily movements to burn calories more effectively while helping you grow accustomed to exercising gradually.

Dr. Corney is an expert in the many different facets of medical weight management, including excessive appetite, food cravings, yo-yo dieting, stress eating, and slow metabolism. She wants every patient to have the weight loss tools they need to be their best, and she’s here for you, too. 

How can I avoid gaining weight again?

After you’ve lost weight, you feel amazing, and it’s natural to feel a little bit invincible at that point. But, the post-weight loss period is the riskiest time because it’s incredibly easy to fall back into bad habits, little by little. 

Without the proper support, you could easily gain back all the weight you lost and more. That’s why it’s absolutely vital to do a supervised transition back into normal eating habits. During your follow-up appointments, Dr. Corney helps you transition away from prepared meals gradually until you learn how to shop for the right food and plan healthy menus on your own. 

You get individualized meal plans during your post-weight loss phase, along with relapse prevention care, to help you maintain your weight loss and live healthier for the rest of your life. 

Click the online booking tool, or call Women First Weight Loss & Lipo Center to begin your weight loss journey today.